Saturday, January 9, 2010

She just keeps changing...

In the past two weeks Ava has decided to take off. She has started crawling. At first it was funny, because she didn't realize she could crawl and would only crawl for things that were a short distance from her and something she desperately needed (like her puffs). Now she has figured out that she can get anywhere by crawling. This means one thing, my life as a stay at home mom just got a lot busier. On top of that, she also decided to pull herself up on anything and everything as well. This has resulted in tears, smiles, bumps, and pictures of course. As of yesterday, she is now standing up in her crib anytime she doesn't want to go to sleep. So every time I lay her down for a nap she automatically rolls to her side, then her stomach, relaxes for a half second before realizing I'm leaving the room, panics and sits-up, starts crying, and then pulls herself up into a standing position. I have to go back in and lay her down in order to get her to fall asleep. Although it is tiring during the ordeal (probably for both of us), it's quite hilarious watching it happen.

Ava received her first birthday invitation today...Ella is turning one and I'm pretty sure Ava can't wait to celebrate with her. (Or I'm excited to go hang out with Maria haha).

Dustin and I have been planning all our meals out to help save money and eat healthier. We've been doing a pretty good job, but this last week we ate shake 'n bake on two separate nights and I had it only salads for lunch. Needless to say, any easy, cheap, healthy recipes would be appreciated!