Friday, March 5, 2010

Sorry for the bad filming job. I was actually trying to vacuum while taping Ava.

Ava hates the vacuum

I have vacuumed in front of Ava before, but today didn't go so well. It was kinda hilarious for me, not so much in her eyes. As soon as I started the vacuum she took off towards the kitchen to get away from it. The baby gate was up and she was trying frantically to climb it. I eventually stopped vacuuming to calm her down and then put her in her crib with some toys to keep her occupied. I thought this would work, but it failed miserably. Poor thing had a look of pure terror on her face the whole time. I caught a little bit of it on my flip and I'll try and get it posted. I hope she grows out of this because it will be her chore eventually. :)