Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Making $$$

I am finally making some money. There is a catch though...I'm paying myself. Let me explain: I'm paying myself to get healthy.
Payment Plan:
$1 Running
$1 Turbo Jams
$1 Drinking 5 glasses of water
$0.50 Eating veggies
$0.50 Eating fruit
$2 Eating more protein than carbs (this one is very difficult for me!)
$1 No sweets (also a big one for me)
$1 Not eating after 7:30

The picture is of my little calendar I just made to help me keep track of all the money I'm making. :) When I earn enough $$ I will be purchasing a new pair of Jeans. I'm pretty excited about them and can't even wait!
Making actual $$ (hopefully)
I've been sewing for a little while now and am finally going to start really selling items. I'm making sets of taggie blankets and soft blocks/rattles. Here's an example of one I made for friends little boy. Hopefully I will have enough made up by December to sale them at the craft fair in West Plains with Angela. Maybe I should get off the computer and start sewing!
If you need a baby gift let me know! :)


Ava has no clue who Pooh is but when she saw him on the shelf at toys r us, she HAD to sit by him.
(Showing me her shoes Auntie Christina bought her)
She sat a little too close and moved around a little too much and he fell off the shelf. She was holding on to him for dear life.
I managed to get him back on the shelf, but she stayed attached.
It took a good 20 minutes to get out of that isle. So sweet though. And no, I didn't buy the $50 Whiney the Pooh.

Monday, September 13, 2010

15 months

Weight: 21 lbs 15 oz 30%
Height: 31 in. 60%
Head 75%


Ava loves: Melmo (aka Elmo) and Veggie Tales
-Mostly anything that has music, but Melmo is her favorite!
Ava loves: being outside. The sand box is the new favorite, although she is pretty much happy if she's outside.
Ava loves: Blueberries, spaghetti, macaroni, frozen peas, oatmeal and milk.
Ava loves: climbing. She will climb on anything and thinks she can do it (even after you've told her no).
Ava loves: Her grandmas. She knows exactly who each of them are, loves to hear their voices and gets so excited when we talk about them or show her pictures of them.
Ava loves: Bathtime. She will do whatever it takes to get in the bath, including trying to dive head first into the tub.

Ava hates: being told no. She often does it anyways and also hates the consequences to her actions.
Ava hates: grape skin (however, I refuse to peel them, so she's just going to have to eat them anyways).
Ava hates: holding my hand in the store. She will often just sit down until she thinks I'll stop trying to hold her hand. She's always wrong, but she continues to try. Strong willed much?!!

A few things we love about Ava:
I love that she smiles all the time.
I love that she thinks she's hilarious and cracks herself up.
I love that she cuddles before naps and bedtime.
I love that she (most of the time) likes to share.
I love that she loves country music (better than anything else!)
I love that she has a high pain tolerance and keeps trying after she gets hurt.

Ava we love you so much! Thanks for being such a blessing in our lives!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Summer= popsicles

swimming or getting in and out of the pool while your mother just wants one cute picture of the two of you together in the pool!
smiles, lots of smiles
eating sand
and running through sprinklers with your best friend.
Ella graciously shared her home, toys and parents with us while Dustin, Ava and I moved in for a couple of weeks. What a sweet little girl!