Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We went to Idaho...

At the end of April...

Ava and I flew to Idaho without anyone but Kyle and a few friends knowing we were coming. Uncle Kyle picked Ava and I up at the airport and we headed to Weiser to surprise my mom.

(At the airport waiting for our plane)
This is supposed to be a video of us surpring my mom at her school, but my blog is fighting me today and won't let me post it. Needless to say, she was thrilled to have the 3 of us there. She hugged Ava for the longest time and Ava was thrilled to see her grandma! There might have been a few tears too. :)

We got to do a lot of things while in Weiser, like go the park. They have an awesome play ground and we drove past it or walked past it anytime we went anywhere. Ava of course got super excited everytime she saw it and with grandparents and an uncle that spoil her, she got plenty of play time.
(Kyle teaching Ava to fly??)
(Eating at JEBS curly fries ever!)

We were there for Easter and luckily for Ava Uncle Kyle thought about it and planned for it, unlike her mom. Oops! Kyle and Serrah had bought Ava an adorable back-pack and a million plastic eggs which Kyle stuffed with candy. He also hid all the eggs for us. All I had to do was help Ava eat candy. It was awesome!

On our last full day in Idaho, Grandma and I took Ava to the Boise Zoo. We had a blast and Ava got to ride her first Merry-go-round. It was precious until she threw a huge fit because she wanted to go again. At least she liked it, right?!
We also took a walk along the greenbelt. It was beautiful! It's one of the many things I miss about Idaho.
We had such a wonderful time and I can't wait to go back. I think I'll end it here because this post is just making me miss my family, friends and Idaho.