Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pic comparison

Back to teaching

I am teaching PE again and LOVING it! I found out I got the job in June and was full of all kinds of emotions- excited, scared terrified, and I really struggled with leaving Cole. However, I was completely blessed by the number of positive comments I received when people found out about my job and my fears seemed to grow less and less. 

I'm working part time - every day from 11:50-3:20 and it's the perfect amount of time!

I have also been incredibly blessed by Cole's babysitters. God has provided him with the most loving sitters I could ask for. It makes leaving him for a few hours a day, so much easier. 

So what's Ava doing during this time??? 

She's in Pre-K!! How did that even happen???

And she's equally loving it! She has amazing teachers and is making all kinds of friends. I don't know why I ever worried about her not knowing any of the kids, she's such a social butterfly!

So, so far our time as Oakdale Rockets has been wonderful. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow- we are starting soccer and parachute games! 


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back to it!

Can it really be that I haven't blogged since 2011?!! Oops. Well now that the first NFL game has started and my sweet hubby will be wrapped up in Fantasy football, I have decided to use part of the time he is watching football, to blog....well at least that's my plan. I promise to do my best!