Monday, December 7, 2009

Really Christina...

While at Uncle Bobby's, Christina noticed I had written my name on my cup and thought she should do the same. So she grabbed a permanent marker, walked to the table, and started writing Aunt Christina on a cup. The whole situation seemed normal until she stated..."I wasn't drinking milk... I didn't even have a cup!" She had written her name on someone elses cup! This was followed by Dustin saying "Who drinks milk with their Thanksgiving dinner!". In the end no one claimed the cup and Christina's only option was to write Not in front of her name. It was quite hilarious and this might be a situation you had to be there for, but it was so stinkin funny! Thanks for making us laugh Not Aunt Christina! You're the best!
Ava enjoyed her yummy squash for Thanks- giving. Luckily for Dustin and I, squash was not on our Thanksgiving menu!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ava Marie-Thanksgiving

Ava's new moves...

Ava continues to amaze me. It seems like just yesterday we were waiting for her to smile or coo. Now she squeals like a true girl, gives big gummy smiles, and so much more. For example...about three weeks ago Dustin was holding her and I was next to him and she reached for me. Talk about the best feeling ever! (I cried a bit). Since then she's learned to hold her arms up anytime she wants up. She is rolling from her tummy to her back and back again. She is never quite content though. Forever she wanted to sit up by herself. She can do that easily now, but the only thing she wants to do now is crawl or stand up (she can't do either on her own yet, but we're very close!). She is getting good at going from a sitting position to a crawling position but quickly falls to her stomach. If she does manage to keep her stomach up, it's because she's in a bear crawl position with her face planted in the carpet. It's quite humorous to watch. I am really enjoying being around to see all of her changes. God has truly blessed us with a beautiful little girl and so much more!