Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Brent and April had an Ugly Sweater Christmas party...it was our first Ugly sweater party and we really enjoyed it! Dustin is wearing a girls sweater and I made mine. We are looking forward to wearing these as many times as possible before Christmas!
Also, Ava has a shirt with a blinking snowman on it. Don't let her face fool you, she loved it.

Ava went to her first Thunder game and did awesome! We went with Matt, Maria and Ella and the girls were way too cute! We just hope they grow up to play basketball and not be Thunder girls...

Today is Ava's first official day of taking only one nap. When I started this post she was sitting quietly on the couch next to me (see the pic below). However, in the last 3 minutes she's managed to pull out ALL the toys I just put up and is currently trying to put on my boots. You'd think by 18 months I'd realize picking up is overrated...I'm still learning.