Thursday, January 20, 2011

a little winter in Weiser reminiscing

The two people with me (Di-the blonde and Kim-brunette) will be my BFF's for life. I honestly can hardly stand it when I think about how long it's been since I've seen them. However, I know as soon as we do, it will be just like old times and the laughing, more laughing, and pretty much non stop laughing will take place. These two girls are a huge part of what held me together from birth (Kim literally met me in the hospital right after I was born). Okay enough sappiness about these two for now...
Whenever we have snow days in Oklahoma it makes me laugh because we NEVER had snow days in Idaho. NEVER! So I have to reminisce about a cold, cold day in Idaho when Kim and I were young.

Kim lived on a farm which was AWESOME!!! We were free to roam the ditch roads (those are what you okies call dirt roads). In the summer we would swim in the ditches, sneak into her brothers fort, ride the dirt bike, build our own better forts (even though we knew we could never beat Russ's fort, it was just awesome), but winter was different. We had to get more creative. So one cold morning we threw on our snow clothes, grabbed a sled, matches, our swiss army knives (because that's what most preteens carry around, right??) and headed out for an adventure. We decided the best idea was to climb into the largest ditch and pull each other around on the ice. It was genius for a few minutes until the ice broke. Of course we both got wet and were "freezing to death" and needed to take cover from the cold wind quickly. That's where this old bread truck comes into play...
Of course this isn't the actual bread truck but it looks just about like the one we climbed into. We quickly ripped off our wet clothes and decided we had to build a fire. We took turns running out and looking for wood but realized everything was covered in snow. Home was a good 10-15 minute walk and as smart little 10 yr olds, we knew we wouldn't make it and came up with a smarter idea. We decided to burn the foam from the seat cushions. So we made a little fire pit in the back of that little bread truck and began to build our fire. It felt fantastic. The black smoke and smell, that is still distinct in my nose today, did raise a little curiosity, but nothing to cause alarm. We eventually cracked the back door to let smoke out and sat in there until we were warm enough to go home.

It was wonderful. Not only did we have an awesome adventure, but we had found a new fort! We quickly decided we had to go back ASAP! So it wasn't long before we were back out there again. Not wet this time, but needing a fire of course. So we kept on burning that foam. It was our little secret and an amazing one. We went out to that little bread truck several times before being caught. Keep in mind we didn't realize we were doing anything wrong...this is how it went...

Gwen: (Kim's mom) Girls have you been going down to that old bread truck?
Kim and I look quickly back and forth at each other, not wanting her to know about our new fort and finally deciding the truth was the best route.
Gwen: Shock covered her face...Well I just got a call from Mr. Tally (I think that was the neighbors name). He said you two were smoking pot down there. Are you two smoking pot in that bread truck??!!!
Kim and I: What's pot?
Gwen: Relief covered her face. Well are you smoking down there?
Kim and I: Start laughing, NO we're not smoking! The giggles continue...
Gwen: Obviously believing us now. Well what are you doing down there?
Kim and I: It's our new fort!!! We've been building a fire in the back to stay warm!
Gwen: SHOCK! Scared Shock at that! WHAT!!!!

Needless to say our bread truck fort days were over and Kim and I had to apologize to the neighbor, because it was his bread truck. Sigh. Don't worry we found a better fort. Oh and we didn't tell Gwen we were burning the cushion until years later...we were smart enough to only give her the information she needed at the time. :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am so lucky to wake up to this cute little rugrat and hangout with her every day! She has been a huge blessing to Dustin and I. No one tells you how incredibly difficult it can be going from a family of two to a family of three. I mean people try and warn you, but they are so excited I don't think the message ever really gets through. Ava was a wake up call for us in so many ways. She made us more aware of what time we go to bed, how and what we eat, the things we say about ourselves and others, how we treat each other and others, and most importantly how we live our lives for God. Although we are trying to teach her every day, she's also teaching us all the time. Okay enough sappiness...Here's a couple pics of her and her friends.
Ava and I get to hangout with this cutie 5 times a week. They have so much fun together even on the days they're fighting, stealing and screaming.
Ava and I have been missing our little Violet, but she is getting to spend some wonderful time with her beautiful mommy and new little brother. A play date needs to be in the works soon!

Friday, January 7, 2011

contest pic

My entry for Mandy Stansberry's photo contest. I'm not a very good picture taker, but this one of my Granny, mom and daughter was hands down my favorite from the year!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

We growl around here...

Some people teach their kids things counting, the ABC's, but we're working on growling. Ava may still not be able to say please, but she can growl thanks to her Papa. Sorry most of the video is me growling at her trying to get her to growl. Also, my daughter thinks pumpkins say Boo. Please don't break it to her that pumpkins don't speak. :)