Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh the volume of this child never ceases to amaze me!

Ava needs to nap. She doesn't want to. Sometimes I just want to record how loud and rediculous her screams are just so I'm not the only one listening too it. Unfortunately for you, I don't have anything recorded, so I'll just show you this picture that Mandy Stansberry (sorry you got to experience it Mandy) took at her one year. I can guarantee Ava has this same expression on her face right now.

I think for sanity purposes, we might skip the nap and go for a walk.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Couldn't turn the brain off last night

I need to clean off the kitchen table so it can be used as a kitchen table
Organize the office
Plant my tulips
Make more bows
Make baby gifts for upcoming showers
Plan upcoming showers
Wash, iron, tag, and hang baby clothes for JBF
Make new items to sale (I have WAY too many ideas + a huge craft fair to get ready for this fall=no sleep, too much thinking, excitement, but mostly no sleep.)

Okay I feel better now. Unfortunately it's 8:00 and Ava is getting up.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

OOPS, I forgot to blog...

Today is the first day I've been on my own with Ava. I've been lifting her a little more and more the past 4 days and it's getting easier. Luckily for me, she's been an Angel today. In fact I think she just fell asleep so I will leave you with a couple pics from the last couple of weeks. I'm off for a nap too.

Friday, February 4, 2011

We finally let the kid out

She LOVED the snow! She didn't come in without a fight. I'm hoping tomorrow will be warmer and we can spend a lot of time outside with her. I know I'm ready to be out of this house!

Under the Knife...

In less than a week I'm having a little surgery. It's something I've been waiting to have done for over a year now (thank you insurance for being difficult) and it's finally time! I'm getting a fibroid removed from my uterus next Thursday. It's been causing me all kinds of pain in my back since I got pregnant with Ava. A few minutes after having Ava and my stomach felt like a big ball of dough (which is pretty gross by the way) my doctor had me feel my fibroid. It was easily the size of softball at the time. Of course the fibroid has shrunk since then, but flares up all the time. I wanted to get it removed a LONG time ago, but when we moved to Oklahoma my insurance was accidently cut off (not my fault) and I went without insurance for 11 days. Who would have thought those 11 days would prevent me from having surgery for a whole year! Well that year is up and although I'm so excited to get it over with, I'm a little nervous too.

Having this surgery has reminded me of how blessed I am. I am so lucky to have a job that is flexible. Staying at home really makes it a lot more possible. I have an awesome mom and mother 'n law who are going to help me take care of Ava for the following two weeks (I won't be able to lift her for 2 weeks), and my sweet husband has promised flowers, chocolate and starbucks daily. Okay maybe that last part isn't true, but I know he will be so helpful and caring during that time as well. I have had many friends say they'll be here at the drop of a hat and I know they would and will be.

So here's to hoping and praying it all goes well. I'm sure it will and I'm sure I'll be doing lots of blogging in the weeks to come since I'll be sitting around so much!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow days!

As soon as we put Ava down for her afternoon nap yesterday, Dustin and I layered up and headed out the door.

Maybe not our best idea because Dustin doesn't feel good today. Maybe he just didn't want to shovel the driveway....

At least I got a good workout! I love snow!