Monday, April 12, 2010

Ava walking

A lot has gone on since I last posted...

I am going to be brief about the last month because I am babysitting and I never know when the kids will wake up!

Big 12 Championship!
Dustin and I were blessed enough to get free tickets from his work to the Big 12 tournament and take a couple of friends with us. I ended up skipping Friday's nights game so I could hang out with Allison, Tyler, Angela and the kids, but went on Saturday to the championship. It was a blast! And they have $1 slushes at the QT in the stadium!! Can't get better than that! (well it did help that KU won!) On our way home we got to meet Brad and Cheri for some lunch in Wichita and Ava got to eat plenty of mashed potatoes.

Ava and I flew out to California to see my family. Ava got to meet her great Aunt Jacque, my cousin Brian, her second cousin Sophie, and her great grandparents. It was a pretty special trip for me. My mom also got to fly out and we all had a blast. It was the first time my grandparents got to see both of their great granddaughters, so it was pretty wonderful. Ava also got to see the ocean for the first time while she was there. She loved it and wanted to get in it! It was a wonderful trip and I miss them already!

Surprise Showers
For the last several months the SS7 minus one (Brooklyn) planned a surprise shower for Brooklyn. We are all so excited for her and Jerad and wanted to show her. So Kelsey and I planned a sleep over with Brooklyn, but she didn't know that Leta, Allison, Angela, and Tiff were all going to be there too! It was pretty awesome! We also surprised Tiff with a baby shower and Allison with a "wedding shower". It was such a wonderful weekend and I wish we could all be together every weekend!

Ava had her first Easter. I had planned on taking her to an Easter egg hunt, but she slept instead. Luckily, Brent and April had a little hunt for Collin and Ava Sunday afternoon. Dustin had to miss Ava's first Easter Egg hunt because he had to work, but I'm sure next years will be much more eventful than this one anyways!

Past weekend Kansas City Trip
Nathan had his bachelor party this past Saturday, so we headed for Kansas City again. I thought it was a good excuse to go visit Allison and I was invited to Kristi's bridal shower, so it worked out great. Dustin took off Friday so we could go visit some friends from Leavenworth and go to watch my track girls Friday night. He then headed out with the guys for a fun weekend of golf, Royals game, Dave and Busters and very little sleep. The next time I saw him was 3 am Sunday morning! I too had little sleep because Allison and I are good talkers haha.