Monday, May 24, 2010

More pics...sorry if you're sick of these!

Ava loved all of her gifts! Thanks everyone for making this such a special day for Ava. I know she loved having you there (and I enjoyed hanging out with you all!) Lets use our kids to hangout more often! :)

Pics from the party.

This was my second attempt at making Ava's birthday cake. Thanks Lovett's and Wilkins' for eating my first one! The Teddy grahams chilling under the umbrella's was Dustin's idea (it's great being married to a graphic designer...much more creative than I ever am!) Over all it turned out okay or it tasted good at least!

Where did the time go???

Ava is ONE!!

I honestly never thought this past year would go by so fast. Nor did I think I would be this emotional about my baby turning one! It really is amazing how much you can love your child. You carry them for 9 (more like 10) months and then they are born. You have this love and desire to protect them immediately, but that love only doubles every day. Some days I feel like I'm overflowing with it, because I just love her so much (I know, cheesy, right?) So true though! We are so blessed that God allowed us to be her parents!

12 Month appointment
30 inches long : 75%
19.9lbs : 25%
Head : 85%
-She is tall, skinny, and has lots of brains.....I believe there's a volleyball player in the making! (I don't need my kid to be a doctor, just play sand volleyball in the Olympics. I don't think that's a lot to ask for! haha).

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

This is a little better picture....the front is exactly the same as the back. I attempted a skirt for myself with the same fabric., but it didn't turn out very well.

New Projects

I made my first Hooter Hider for Brooklyn with fabric roses and my first dress for Ava. Sorry you can't see much of the dress. Ava was not very helpful when I was taking pics.

Ava and her Daddy

Ava has been saying dadada for some time now but has just recently started saying dada when she see's Dustin. She says it in this sweet little innocent's so precious, but it's also made me aware that she has Dustin wrapped around her pinky already! It makes him so happy and I love it!

After searching my camera for pics to post, I've come to realize that we have no pictures of Ava and I. The top picture is even on mothers day and it's with her dad! haha, oh well. It was a special mothers day none the less.