Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Two weeks in Idaho...Chapter 2

We were so lucky to catch Kyle and Serrah when they were both home (this never happens in the summer because they both fight forest fires and are ALWAYS gone in the summer), and had so much fun with them! They took us for some amazing Thai food one night and some awesome bagels and coffee in the morning. Then they showed us this...
Gorgeous! I can't believe I've never been there before! So we took some pics...

Then they took us to Dierkes (SP??) to get cooled off.

Ava had a blast with her Uncle Kyle and Aunt Serrah! I think it won't be long before I need to ship her off to them so they can teach her how to rock climb.

Back in Weiser, Ava did a lot of swimming, running through sprinklers, watering flowers (whether it was needed or not), and eating tons of popsicles with Grandma.

In the mean time I was probably sleeping or reading...I miss it already. sigh.

Ava also got to spend some time at the park with Grandpa and eat some much needed icecream from Jebs with Grandpa and her Great Uncle Dave.

Mom (aka Grandma) Dustin, Ava and I also went shopping, rode go carts, played miniature golf, went for walks (where sweatshirts were needed at the start), had dinner and game night with our wonderful friends the Clark's and so much more.

After Dustin left, the 3 of us did more shopping, went to the water park (which was AWESOME and I can't wait to take Ava back). This ultimately knocked Ava out so hard that she couldn't finish eating her pretzel before falling asleep...
Ava and I also got to spend some time with the Sorenson's and their sweet boys. We had a wonderful time reminiscing and talking about all that has changed from high school days to parenthood. We also spent time with the Coleman's. Well I think it may be more accurate to say Dan watched the girls while Di and I talked (thanks Dan!). Oh and one of the many high lights of the trip...Di let me help with HS Volleyball tryouts! I had so much fun and am so excited for the team this year. Those girls have some wonderful coaches and I wish so badly I could be there through out the season! ( I may have asked Dustin to quit his job, sale the house and move us there for the vb season...I don't think he went for it though).

We had a blast in Idaho and we can't wait to go again! Thanks for a great trip everyone! Love you all!

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Erin said...

Dustin is not allowed to move you anywhere. Case closed.